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    Double mistakes......
    1. First she got Obama's name spectacularly wrong.
    2. Then she confused US President Barack Obama, with UK Prime Minister, David Cameron.

    When 20 year old Gemma Worrall (pictured above) realized relations between Russia and Ukraine were at crisis point, she decided to share her feelings on Twitter and without pausing to check her facts, or her spelling, Gemma wrote: 'If barraco barner is our president, why is he getting involved with Russia, scary.'

    A British beautician is laughing off a global Twitter storm after she mistakenly misspelt US President Barack Obama as "Barraco Barner", and appeared to think he was president of the UK.

    Within hours, Gemma was trending in countries around the world as her message was retweeted more than 6,000 times, calling her 'stupid', 'spaz' and 'dumb'.

    By the time she had realized her mistakes and deleted the tweet, but the screenshot had already appeared on Australian TV programmes and in Belgium.

    The hashtag #barracobarner was trending around the world, and new spoof accounts @BarracoBarner (UK prez, chilling at Number 10) and Michelleo Barner (First Lady of the United States of Britain) were set up.

    Meanwhile the beautician, who works in a salon in Blackpool, was being invited onto TV and radio chat shows, she tweeted again: ''Sorry my dad would kill me if I went on the radio to embrace my stupidity. I might of put a stupid tweet but I'm not that stupid to go on the radio and embrace it, boring me now'."
    The youngster tried to correct the situation, writing a tweet saying : 'Right, I get it, I'm no good with politics I'll just shh now'.

    She also filed other tweets saying: ''I hope I haven't offended the real @Barack Obama with my tweet but it was just a question I was curious about #sorry.'

    And she pleaded with people to stop retweeting her original message, adding: 'CAN'T BREATHE, wtf is going on, phone's blowing up - retweets.'

    She eventually signed off: ''Feel tight on my nan. She's going to have a heart attack when she sees me in the paper.''

    Gemma insists the tweet was a spelling error and says her parents have been left 'fuming and embarrassed' after their daughter's comment went global.

    She described the reaction to her tweet as 'unbelievable', and said she had received a lot of abuse from around the world.
    When I first put the tweet the reaction it got was unbelievable. I'll admit it was a ditsy moment and the tweet is ridiculous, but over the last few days the response I have had from people has been awful.

    I have had messages from strangers calling me a 'stupid cow' and an 'oxygen thief'.

    One person said 'I'd love to stab dumb f**s like this and rip their tongues out'. It's terrible.

    Some of the comments I was getting were funny and I could have a good laugh at myself but others were just brutal and extreme and they were coming from all over the world.

    I might have had a bit of a ditsy moment but I don't deserve to be called such horrible names. I am harmless and didn't mean to offend anyone with my tweet.

    I was watching the news and tried to act clever but it backfired.
    Below are some Twitter reactions......
    Miss Worrall confused US President Barack Obama, left, with UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, right.
    She appeared on the front page of the gazette
    Barraco Barner and Michelleo Barner spoof twitter accounts

    Source: Dailymail

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    Malaysian Police have released pictures of the two young Iranian men who boarded the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 with stolen passports.

    However, the authorities say there is no evidence Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad,18 (left) and Delavar Seyed Mohammadreza, 29 ( right) were linked to any terror groups; rather they were apparently travelling to Europe to try and secure work.

    They added that the teenager is an Iranian asylum seeker on his way to Germany and no longer strongly believes that the missing plane was attacked by terrorists.

    They police say are now looking into four main areas: sabotage, hijacking or psychological problems among either the crew or the passengers.

    The two men had travelled from Qatar's capital Doha on their Iranian passports, and switched to stolen Italian and Austrian passports to board the Malaysia Airlines flight.

    The flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing went missing on Saturday, after taking off with 239 on board.

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    Is romance back on the cards between Heidi Klum and Seal?

    The model and her ex-husband singer are clearly still on good terms despite divorcing after almost 7 years of marriage. The former pair, who have three children together, were spotted hugging and kissing after meeting up at the Heritage Auction house in Beverly Hills, California, last week.

    Since Heidi called it off with Martin in January, speculation has been mounting that she has rekindled her romance with Seal.

    There's still hope for these two. May be we'll be seeing more of the pair together!

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    The popular football website released its 2014 rich list and named Cristiano Ronaldo as the richest active footballer in the world.

    The Portuguese international and Real Madrid FC has stepped into the shoes of David Beckham with an estimated wealth of €148million.

    Messi comes second with an estimated net worth of €146million followed by Eto'o with €85million then Wayne Rooney with €84million, and Kaka rounds off the top 5 with €82million.

    However, Goal made it clear that the list is based on the revenue of active players over the course of their entire careers and not just the previous year. See the top 10 richest footballers after the cut...

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    If you have the opportunity to get exposed to other things! you should definitely not locked into one thing.

    Chris Brown has turned to a modeling agent. He hasn't quit music, however he has pushed back again his highly anticipated new album “X” (which was due to be released in May of this year)

    Breezy took to his Twitter account to make his announcement about the launch of his new modeling agency dubbed “Legendary Faces”. See it after the cut..

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    This is really weird.....

    These twin sisters from Perth, Australia, share almost everything. The car, phone, job, bed, diet, exercise routines, clothes, a car, a love for plastic surgery, Facebook account and even their boyfriend. Yeah, they have the same boyfriend.

    Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 28, have the same taste in everything, have one boyfriend and all three of them share the same bed. That’s not the terrifying part though, the terrifying part is they're all together when they have s3x.

    The 28-year-old sisters were born one minute apart and ever since then they've been at each others side.

    Despite looking so alike that their father had problems telling them apart, yet, the bizarre level of closeness was not enough for Australians twins, who have spent a fortune on cosmetic surgery to erase any tiny differences between them that may remain.

    They have had identical procedures including lip fillers, bosom implants and fake eyebrows and eyelashes at a cost of an astonishing $240,800 (Australian dollars), or $217,430 (US dollars) to appear even more like each other. Their self-obsession drove them to get these their bosom implants, lip enhancements and even tattooed eyebrows, which totally look natural.
    Twin sisters and their boyfriend Ben Byrne, who is electrical mechanic .

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    Being dumped especially unexpectedly, is painful and can drive you crazy but not to the extent of killing your own flesh and blood! Most of us have to cope with being dumped at some point in life.......

    Police in Italy arrested a mother who stabbed to death her three daughters.

    Edlira Dobrusci, 37, had stabbed her 3 daughters to death in their beds and injured herself on the wrists and neck with a kitchen knife because her husband had left her.

    Edlira was said to be in a confused state and had to be sedated by staff at a local hospital and she kept screaming that she had killed her children.

    All three girls, named as Simona, Casey and Lindsey aged, 13, 10 and 4 were all declared dead at the scene.

    The husband and father of the girls reportedly had left Italy on Friday and was traced to Albania. He has been informed of their deaths.

    The woman was being held in custody accused of murder and was expected to appear before an investigating magistrate after pleading guilty.

    Photo credit: Reuters

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    A 46-year-old British divorcee, Amanda Rodgers found all the qualities she needed in a life partner in her pet dog named Sheba and got married to the dog in a romantic ceremony in Croatia.

    Amanda whose marriage to a man 20-years ago was short-lived, got married to her dog in the presence of 200 guests.

    Miss Rodgers wore black stockings and suspenders for the ceremony while Sheba wore a more traditional white bridal frock.

    According to her, Sheba has been a part of her life for years, comforting her and making her laugh and she couldn't think of anything more she'd need from a life partner.

    More photo after the cut
    You may now kiss the bride.....LoL wonders shall never end!

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    Mariah carey who is at a family beach retreat with her family on Saturday shared photos of herself and husband Nick Cannon as they snuggled in bed with their twins, daughter Monroe and son Moroccan with caption: "Sweet sweet family moments."

    Lovely family!

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    Racheal Dilly, 48, who got diagnosed with HIV in 2004 said prior to her diagnosis had thought HIV/AIDS only affected Africans because she didn't know any white person who had the disease at the time.

    Speaking with hosts of ITV Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, yesterday, the mother of three said she got infected after she dated a man she met online and had unprotected sex with him. She said she started falling ill when they ended their relationship and she was asked to go do HIV test after all other test conducted read negative.
    I just didn't know anything about it. I just thought you got it in Africa. I didn't know a white person had ever got it. Dilly said to her amazed hosts yesterday.
    How ignorant! (:

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    Now it looks like the two friends have moved on to couple again!

    Rihanna and Drake kinda confirmed they are a couple.

    The two were seen holding hands as they walked out of a bowling alley they rented out in Manchester.

    Rumors have been swirling for weeks now that they are dating and this is definitely one of the more concrete clues.

    Dreezy and RiRi spotted making it rain together at a Houston strip club in November 2013. Last month when the The Bajan beauty joined Drake on stage during one of his shows. Then just a few days ago, she has been by Drake’s side the entire time as he traveled to Amsterdam and Germany as part of his “Would You Like A Tour?” tour.

    According to WENN, the stars were also spotted locking lips during a trip to Cirque Le Soir in the U.K capital on Monday night and didn't seem to care about everybody seeing.

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    Karrueche Tran had finally given up on her relationship with Chris Brown after discovering Rihanna secretly visited him in rehab, but the couple's break up isn't stopping the singer from proclaiming his love for miss Tran.

    Now that Rihanna and Drake are official (according to WENN), Chris took to Twitter last night to say that Kae will always be his heart...then he deleted it..

    The on/off couple got back together last May after Chris' brief five month relationship with Rihanna ended.

    Recently, the 25 year-old designer announced that she was single after being photographed with NBA player, Brandon Jennings. She tweeted:

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  • 03/13/14--12:55: Oh dear!
  • ( . )( . ).. do you know what does it mean? Well you've got to give her credit for trying! Wait until she finds out!

    P.S parents please dont use urban words or symbols!

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    Valeria's look after her transformation into Barbie.....

    27 year old Valeria Lukyanova from Ukraine became famous worldwide as the "Living Barbie". Her body and her face bring to mind the classic girls' doll. 

    Ever since she was 5, Valeria has loved Barbie. She was fascinated by dolls throughout her life. As a child, she collected over 50 dolls.

    Valeria admits that she's had work done, but not on her face. Honestly, when we look at her pictures, we're not too convinced there wasn't facial plastic surgery involved.

    To complete her transformation into Barbie, Valeria has dyed her hair a bleached, peroxide blonde. She also applies thick makeup and has contact lenses to get the look. Her wardrobe consists of skimpy attire as well.

    Valeria says she's only had one plastic surgery to achieve her look " breast implants". Her surgery made her breasts two sizes larger.

    Though she only claims to have one surgery, her body just doesn't look natural. Plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Teplyashina weighs in with his opinion. He says it's possible she's also had a rhinoplasty, or nose job.

    To keep her waist so tiny, Valeria lives on strict diets. She went on a juice-only diet for four months to detox before switching to a water diet. Talk about dedication to her cause.

    Valeria lives on a liquid-only diet. In the past, she has also done a raw meat diet. She credits raw meat to helping her stay thin all year long. We'd credit raw meat to being thoroughly disgusting.

    To achieve her ridiculously tiny waist, she works out at the gym every day. However, experts just don't see how it's possible for her waist to be so slim without having some ribs removed. Which I quite agree.

    Valeria admits that she's had plastic surgery done to help her look like Barbie. Her face however, is said to be her own. She uses heavy makeup to achieve a Barbie look. Valeria also wears blue colored iris-enhancing contact lenses on top of her natural green eyes. She uses thick makeup to look the way that Barbie does.

    Valeria is a vegetarian. She eats only blended shakes of raw fruits and vegetables to keep her waist trim. Now, she plans on giving up food altogether to live on sunlight. That's right!...using sunlight to sustain her.

    Valeria works as a photo model and is married to Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Shkrabov.

    Valeria is not the first to use cosmetic enhancement to look like barbie. Others include Olga Oleynik, a close personal friend of Valeria's.
    Last year Justin Jedlica who has spent around $150,000 in plastic surgeries to resemble a human Ken doll, met with real- life Barbie girl, Valeria Lukyanova for the first time, but they didn't hit it off. Jedlica called Lukyanova a fake and called her look all make-up.

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    Is Lupita off market? ......

    According to Us Weekly, the 31-Year-old Kenya-raised Oscar winning actress is said to be in a romance with Somali-born rapper K'Naan since September.

    The New York-based couple has bonded over their similar interests. She loves his humanitarianism,” says a pal of the “Wavin’ Flag” singer. “They’d both passionate about African issues.

    K’Naan has two sons with pharmacy tech ex-wife Deqa Warsame.

    Nyong'o has yet to meet the 36-year-old rapper's two children with ex-wife Deqa Warsame, they're are taking things slow.

    After fellow Oscar winner Jared Leto jokingly called her his “future ex wife” during his Independent Spirit Awards acceptance speech, rumors of romance between the two blossomed....tbt, I was one of the rumor mongers LoL!

    More pics after the cut....

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  • 03/14/14--06:24: Gunmen kill 69 in Nigeria
  • This time is not Boko Haram....seems there are so many heartless bastards groups in Nigeria.

    At least 69 Nigerians have been killed in numerous attacks by motorcycle-riding assailants in villages in the country’s northwestern Katsina state.

    Fulani Herdsmen are suspected to be behind the murder of men, women and children and demolition of several homes in 3 villages in Katsina State this week.

    Witnesses say dozens of assailants that appeared to be ethnic Fulani cattle herders rode motorbikes through villages and indiscriminately killed anyone they could reach.

    The men attacked three villages,  Mararrabar Maigor, Kura Mota and Maigura Villages, where 47, 7 and 8 bodies were recovered from each village respectively

    According to the report, the ethnic cattle herders have a history of tension with local farmers. They have been in a running battle with local farmers over the loss of grazing land which is important for their cattle.

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    Supermodel Naomi Campbell says she wants to have a child, whether she has a man or not in her life or not. The 43-year-old revealed this during a radio interview with Diane von Furstenburg 's SiriusXM Radio Town Hall show in New York City on Wednesday...Ms Campbell said.
    I'm at an age where I have decided I do want to have a baby. I have always spoken about children so many times in my interviews over the years. I do want to have a baby. And whether I'm with a man or not, I will have it on my own.

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    Actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie has revealed she is to undergo further surgery to prevent breast cancer.

    Last year, the mother of six, had both breasts removed (double mastectomy) and reconstructive surgery after being told she had an 87 per cent risk of breast cancer.

    In an exclusive new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the 38-year-old actress said she needs another operation:
    Wherever I go, usually I run into women and we talk about health issues, women issues, breast cancer, ovarian cancer.

    It makes me to feel closer to other people who deal with the same things and have either lost their parents or are considering surgeries or wandering about their children.

    There is still another surgery to have which I haven't yet. I would get advice from all these people whom I have been talking to, to get through that next stage.
    Angelina lost her mother, Marcheline Bertrando to ovarian cancer in 2007 and her aunt to breast cancer.

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    It’s now been almost a week since flight MH370 disappeared without trace....

    The mystery surrounding its disappearance continues - with more and more red herrings stacking up.

    Some investigators believe that the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 communication system were shut off manually and did fly on for another fours hours after it dropped off the radar based on analysis of signals sent by the jet's satellite communication link.

    U.S counterterrorism officials are pursuing the possibility that a pilot or someone else on board the plane may have diverted it toward an undisclosed location after intentionally turning off the jetliner's transponders to avoid radar detection, according to one person tracking the probe.

    Three separate tracking devices shut down during the flight, 14 minutes apart, and continued to fly after the last known contact, which means the plane was intentionally diverted. The question here is by who? The pilots or it was hijacked and diverted? If this new information is correct, then it means the plane landed somewhere and everybody is safe? Very unlikely!

    Malaysian authorities said yesterday that they have several "pings" from the plane's data system, transmitted to satellites in the five hours after the plane's last communication, suggesting the plane flew to the Indian Ocean, which is in the opposite direction of the plane's original route.

    At least 10 countries, including Vietnam and China, are taking part in the search, which involves 42 ships and 39 aircraft. U.S govt have now sent a search party to the Indian Ocean.

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    62 year old football legend and President of German Football Club, Bayern Munich, Uli Hoeness, has been sentenced to 3 and a half years in prison after he was found guilty of defrauding Germany's tax authorities of 18m euros (£15m, $25m).

    Hoeness, who has been instrumental in building up Bayern Munich into Europe's top football club, kept the funds in a secret Swiss bank account.

    Uli was charged and sentenced today Thursday March 13th by a German court.

    He was allowed to walk out of the court today because he had one week to decide whether to appeal the verdict. The latest news is he will NOT appeal his three-and-a-half year jail sentence for tax evasion.

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