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    Good news for anti socials and bad news for cheaters ........

    If you trying to avoid an ex, desire not to see or talk to anyone and you own an iPhone? well, it just got easier with a new app called 'Cloak'.

    The new app for the iPhone has released to help you avoid human contact at all costs. It uses your social media data to determine where your friends are—specifically so you can avoid them.

    Cloak gathers the geographic data provided by your friends’ Foursquare and Instagram accounts and determines if anyone is close to you. Photos of those in your immediate vicinity are displayed on a map relative to your location. You can tap on those who are most undesirable and choose to “flag” them and, presumably, avoid them forever.

    Power to you guys, no more coincidences!.

    But on the other hand, it has some drawbacks such as invading others' privacy by revealing their whereabouts, safety issue and also could rock several relationships to the core (cheaters to be caught red handed).....LoL!

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    Ghanaian actress shared picture of her new look, do you like it + would you wear this ripped denim jeans?.

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  • 03/19/14--13:28: Can this happen in Africa?
  • President Obama and his family were spotted walking down the street in the U.S. Do you think African leaders can do this?

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  • 03/20/14--07:57: Free hugs!
  • LoL, my friend and I were walking at trade fairs and stumbled upon this guy looking for free hugs, I couldn't help but laughed my ribs hilarious. He got 2 hugs, probably he got more after we left. I wonder how the world would look like if people like him were not around. It would have been such a dark and incredibly boring place.

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    There is no surprise in the fact that the list is led by three rap moguls – Diddy, Jay-Z and Dr.Dre. They took the hip-hop game to another level and started an empire.

    Diddy is the first rapper ever to break the mark of $600 million net worth. His net worth grew by $70m mainly due to his huge endorsement deal with the Ciroc Vodka, as his stocks in Ciroc were valued of $1 billion. Moreover, he is still benefiting from his fashion and media empire. In addition to that, Diddy aka Sean Combs owns Revolt TV.

    See top 30 after the cut (Net worth)

    1. Diddy – $650 million
    2. Jay-Z – $550 million
    3. Dr. Dre –$450 million
    4. Master P –$350 million
    5. Russell Simmons – $325 million
    6 50-cent –$270 million
    7. Birdman – $170 million
    8. Eminem – $160 million
    9. Ice Cube – $140 million
    10. Lil Wayne – $135 million
    11. Snoop Dogg – $135 million
    12. Kanye West – $120 million
    13. Pharrell Williams – $110 million
    14. LL Cool J – $100 million
    15. Timbaland – $85 million
    16. Akon – $80 million
    17. Beastie Boys – $75 million each
    18. Nelly – $60 million
    19. T.I. – $50 million
    20. Pitbull – $50 million
    21. Nicki Minaj – $45 million
    22. Andre 3000 – $45m
    23. Drake – $40 million
    24. Ice-T – $40 million
    25. Big Boi – $40 million
    26. T-Pain – $35 million
    27. Rick Ross – $35 million
    28. Busta Rhymes – $30 million
    29. Flo Rida – $30 million
    30. Ludacris – $25 million

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    Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you......

    Chris Brown appeared in court on Tuesday 18 March 2014 and the judge sentenced him to a month in jail until his D.C. trial.

    The R&B singer appeared in court after he was kicked out of rehab (for multiple reasons) and arrested for violating his probation in the Rihanna's case.

    TMZ reports that Breezy will sit behind bars until April 23rd which is when a judge will hold a probation violation hearing.

    If he is convicted in the D.C. assault case, he could possibly be facing 4 years in prison.

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    The objects with one around 24 metres in length and the other about 5 metres were spotted by a satellite last Sunday and could potentially be debris from flight MH370.

    The objects were spotted in the far south of the southern air corridor that investigators have been scouring over the last few days, along with an arc further north.

    This has been described as ""credible lead" and a "potentially important development".

    Satellite images, which show the two objects floating on or just under the surface, were taken on March 16 analysis.

    However, the task of locating these objects will be extremely difficult and it may turn out they are not related to the search for MH370.

    The wider searches, including a northern corridor from northern Thailand to Kazakhstan, will go on until investigators are certain they have located the plane. #StillHope

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  • 03/21/14--00:34: Wema Sepetu goes bald
  • A lot of people have had different opinions about Tanzanian actress Wema's new look. But hey this show's how confident she is cause very few ladies would be brave enough to go bald and show their heads off. After all has been said, here is what her beau Diamond had to say:
    Love is a beautiful thing!

    See more photos after cut
    Do you like her new look?

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  • 03/23/14--01:53: Kimye vogue cover backlash
  • For some time Kris Jenner and Kanye have been trying to get Kim Kardashian in Vogue but it looked like there was no way in hell it would ever happen. Especially the way Anna and her staff have shaded Kim in the past by cutting her out of Kanye’s MET Ball photos.

    Well, it’s finally happened. The couple will grace the cover of Vogue’s April 2014 issue, which also features their daughter Nori in an adorable family spread.

    However, Vogue fans have been threatening to boycott the magazine and some have even gone as far as canceling their subscription just hours after the mag unveiled its April issue with Kim K and Kanye on the cover.

    People — including the Vampire slayer’s Sarah Michelle Gellar took to Twitter to voice their disapproval over the Kimye cover. See some reactions after the cut...

    You know, I failed to understand why people hate Kim so much, nobody is perfect!

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    Radio legend and culture critic Troi Torain popularly known as Star who became famous for being so outrageous on New York's Hot 97, has revealed Jay Z's real age. 

    According to him, Jay is his age mate, and Star is almost 50. He made the revelation while speaking with a caller on his live radio show recently. The radio jockey said:
    I shouldn't blow this up, maybe because he doesn't promote it publicly, but Jay Z and I are the same exact age. 

    I will be 50 May 3rd. He and I had this conversation so all these, he's 43, 42...that's just media bull shit!" Star, pictured right, said.If Jay Z is truly 50, then he's the best looking 50 year old I've ever seen! He looks damn good for his age.
    If Jigga is real 50, then he looks amazing for his age.

    I'm very sorry cant put the clip here coz of strong language, but you can go to youtube and listen to talk radio.

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    Its a and white cake, along with a tiny pair of sneakers!

    Ciara and her fiance Future are expecting their first child together. On March 22, the singer's BFF’s Kim Kardashian and Lala Anthony threw her a baby shower, and Kim’s mom Kris Jenner also attended the event in Beverly Hills.

    The mommy-to-be revealed she’s having a boy with blue and white themed bash.

    Check out the photos after the cut...

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    Prophet T.B Joshua said it last week, in case you missed HERE

    - The missing Malaysian airliner crashed into the Indian Ocean with all lives lost......
    - Families faint, cry, scream over news..........

    Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak during a press conference on Monday said the missing Flight 370 went down over the southern Indian Ocean, west of Australia, citing a new analysis of satellite data by a British satellite company and accident investigators, and apparently ending hopes that anyone survived.

    Razak's statement came after the airline sent a text message to relatives saying deeply regrets that they have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH 370 has been lost and that none of those onboard survived.

    The families who have desperately been waiting for word of their loved ones, were told there were no survivors. Some families are now due to be booked on to flights to take them to Australia, where the plane is believed to have ended up.

    May their souls rest in peace.....Amen

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  • 03/24/14--12:44: Jay Z fires back at Drake
  • Drake is out of control with his comments these days!......

    In his last interview, The Canadian rapper made remarks in Rolling Stone magazine criticizing Jay Z for talking about art in his raps saying:
    It's like Hov can't drop bars these days without at least four art references. I would love to collect art at some point, but I think the whole Rap/art world thing is getting kind of corny. 
    Jay wasn't going to let Drake off the hook ...he lashed out at him in his new song,“We Made It”(Remix), Hov raps:
    Sorry Mr. Drizzy for so much art talk/ silly me rappin’ about sh–t that I really bought/ while these rappers rap about guns they ain’t shot/and a bunch of other silly sh–t that they ain’t got!

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    Swizz Beatz had put his ex in a very awkward position.....#AwkwardMoments

    The producer was photographed kissing and cuddling his wife singer Alicia Keys on the beach right in front of his ex-wife Mashonda Tifrere as they holiday together in St Barts.

    Swizz and Mashonda ended their marriage in 2010 and a few months later, Swizz and Alicia announced their engagement. Mashonda later posted a statement online saying that Alicia broke her home by stealing her husband. Alicia denied being a home wrecker and said Swizz and Mashonda were already separated when she got together with him.

    But it seems all is forgiven as they are now holidaying together...too clumsy though!

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    After a huge amount of controversy when the cover was unveiled last week. Now, inside shots of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Vogue cover shoot have been revealed.

    In one adorable photo, a shirtless Kanye is seen cradling a naked baby North West, as Kim places her hand over her daughter.

    In another shot - the pair are seen close-up about to smooch one another.

    Check out Kim, Kanye and baby North on set of the April cover shoot when you continue....

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    Facebook could soon end up on the chopping block...........

    Turkey's courts ordered ban on suspension of social media site Twitter last week, today video website Youtube has also been blocked in the country.

    The ban comes after leaked audio of a highly confidential and sensitive conversation. It also had accused the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of corruption including part of him allegedly admitting wrongdoing.

    According to examiners, the recording was potentially the most damaging purported leak.

    Mr. Erdogan, who faces important local elections on Sunday March 30, accuses social media of spreading misinformation and suggested Facebook to be banned too.

    Seems the government did not care what the international community had to say about the move and had already informed mobile phone operators and internet service providers of its decision.

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    Emilio Pucci 120mm Masai patent leather boots £1792.00 which is TZs 4,928,000. Would you pay almost 5 million shillings for these?

    The Maasai sometimes spelled Masai are a Nilotic ethnic group of semi-nomadic people inhabiting northern Tanzania and southern Kenya. They are among the best known for their distinctive customs and dress.

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    Seems Evelyn Lozada is addicted to men from the professional basketball, football and baseball leagues...

    After a violent and short marriage to Chad Ochocinco, Basketball Wives star moved on to LA Dodgers outfielder, Carl Crawford.

    Following the birth of her son, Wendy Williams made a comment about reality star's delivery in her hot topics segment of her show, calling Lozada 's newborn a "cash register".
    I want to congratulate Evelyn Lozada. Evelyn gave birth to a cash register....I mean a baby boy, with her fiancé, the $142 million Carl Crawford.

    I didn't mean to make that cash register joke, but you see why it's easy to be said. Evelyn girl, congratulations!....Wendy said
    Her audience found the comment funny but certainly not Evelyn. The reality starlet threw a jab back at Wendy about her husband, Kevin. See the tweets after the cut...
    Watch the video below Wendy talks about Evelyn from 5.56 mark..

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    Singer Zara Gretti has died after a battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord.

    Zara whose real name is Margaret-Mary Joseph is known for her hit songs including “The Flyest” and “Teno”.

    Her last tweet last was "I love and hate my life" and died a few hours later. She was only 28 years old.

    May her soul rest in peace.

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  • 03/30/14--05:22: Would you rock this?
  • British singer Rita Ora was spotted rocking new blonde extensions, garnish yellow & blue jumper and ripped jeans. Would you rock her look?

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