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    Brand new reality TV Show for aspiring TV presenters living in a house in Essex for one month........THE BIG SEARCH....... 2nd series...

    1 House. 3 Judges . 12 Contestants. 1 Winner

    More details on how to register check out Facebook page

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    Producer Luciano Tsere aka LuccidaDon or you can call him Lucci, was born on 30 September 1985 Lusaka Zambia, being the last born and only son in the family of four.

    Lucci, who used to be Feza Kessy's fiancé, seems not impressed with Feza spilling the beans about their relationship on live television.

    He recently opened up about their relationship and what went down!
    I had a relationship with Feza, I even engagedher in 2012, and we did some work together [music], unfortunately, we had reached a point where we could no longer move forward and broke up.

    We were together for 2 years, actually one of the reasons why we broke up, was tolerance. When she entered Big Brother, I had no problem with that...but when she started talking bad about me and my family in public, that is when I didn't like it for sure. You know, many people know me and some were not even aware of our relationship, so I didn't like it for sure.
    I'm with him, in my opinion, some information should be kept private......

    P.S Its unclear whether he's baby dad or not!

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    Popular Kenyan socialist and former BBA housemate Huddah Monroe must be admired for her “devil may care”, cavalier attitude towards life. It makes for numerous intrigues and some very juicy articles.

    Though her tenure in the BBA house was short lived, no one can say it was boring….She has since made headlines with her nude pics, her recent trips to Bangkok, Nigeria and Ghana, among other things……You just can’t get enough of Huddah!

    In the news today, Huddah is reportedly cruising the latest Range Rover (2014 model) which is believed not hers….[She shared the pic above]

    See the backlash after the cut

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    On January 22, Hollywood actress, Goldie Hawn tweeted a photo of herself shaking hands with  Nigeria's president Goodluck Jonathan at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland with caption:
    Soon after she tweeted the pic, some of her followers blasted her; pointing out that Jonathan was an anti-gay president. The actress immediately deleted the pic and apologized to her over 515 followers.
    President Jonathan signed a bill criminalizing homosexuality in the nation earlier this month.

    Funny enough, Goldie Hawn is actually an LGBT (Lesbians Gays Bi-Sexuals & Tran-Sexuals) activist, supporting equality and acceptance amongst the LGBTs.

    One minute, President Jonathan was “wonderful” to her and the next minute, she regretted meeting the same man and was “deeply embarrassed” by him. so hilarious!!

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    20 year old Nigerian Isaac Anya Ojiabo pictured above has been arrested in connection with the stabbing death of his mother, Joy Ojiabo on Wednesday Jan. 29th in Forest Hill, Maryland.

    Investigators said they received a 911 call from the victim's husband, Anya Ojiabo, who had come home and found his wife on the second floor of their home.

    He called the police said Isaac Jr., had escaped with his family’s white Lexus SUV after the stabbing.

    When police arrived at the scene around 5pm, they found 51 year old suffering from obvious injuries, including at least one stab wound. She was pronounced dead 20 minutes later.

    Isaac was caught at the intersection of Putnam Road and Crouse Road around 4:30 am in the morning. He told police they had fought and he lost it. 

    The police also report that they had already been to the Ojiabo’s house for cases of domestic violence between mother and son as many as three times in the past year

    On the first call, on March 7, at 8:58 p.m., the Sheriff's Office responded to a call for a verbal family argument, Hopkins said. It involved the father and an unidentified family member.

    On. Sept. 1, police were called to the home at 10:12 a.m. for an alleged domestic fight between mother and son.

    On Dec. 23 at 9:45 a.m., another call was received for an alleged domestic fight between mother and son.

    No arrests were made and no reports were filed by the responding deputies in any of the 3 incidents.

    Isaac Ojiabo Jr. graduated from Fallston High School in June 2011 and completed 2 years of course work at Harford Community College. He had also enlisted in the U.S. Marines, but had no formal training.

    He is being held without bail and scheduled to be charged with with first- and second-degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon. 

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    Forbes magazine has released its 2014 list of The 10 Most Powerful Men In Africa and 2 Tanzanians made it. They are;

    1. January Makamba: Deputy Minister of Communication, Science & Technology and Member of Parliament (pictured left)
    2. Mohammed Dewji: Group Chief Executive Officer of Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited (pictured right)

    See others after the cut...

    3. Chinedu Echeruo,Nigeria, Tech Entrepreneur & Founder of and 
    4. Ashish Thakkar, Uganda, Founder and Managing Director of Mara Group, Mara Foundation and Mara Online
    5. Mamadou Toure, Cameroon, Founder and Executive Director of Africa 2.0
    6. Amadou Mahtar Ba, Senegal, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the African Media Initiative
    7. Ben Magara, Zimbabwe,  Chief Executive Officer and Director of Lonmin
    8. Simdul Shagaya,Nigeria, Tech Entrepreneur and Founder of and 
    9. Komla DumorGhana, Lead Presenter on “Focus On Africa” and BBC World News’ European morning segment
    10. Simdul Shagaya, Nigeria, Tech Entrepreneur and Founder of and 

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    Kim K dyed her hairblonde shortly after giving birth in June 2013 and now she has gone back to her old ways but added some highlights to brighten it up.

    The TV reality star unveiled her new look yesterday on her social media accounts."I'm back," she posted on Twitter and Instagram, along with one pic of herbrunette hair (pictured above left). 

    When asked by fans later if she'd ever consider going back to blonde, she responded "absolutely! I loved it!"

    See more photos after the cut...
    which look do you prefer on her..... blonde or brunette?

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    This is creepy....... No, actually super creepy!

    23 year old Puerto Rican boxer Christopher Rivera Amaro was shot dead on January 26 in the Puerto Rican city of Santurce and his family decided to prop up his corpse in a simulated ring.

    Hundreds of mourners who came to his wake in San Juan on Friday 31st found him posed in the ring, a yellow hood on his head, sunglasses glasses over his eyes and blue boxing gloves on his hands.

    His family said they want people to remember him as a boxer and not a victim of gun violence.

    He is survived by a wife and son, as well as his mother.

    See more photos after the cut...
    Pictured is Rivera's wife (blonde) hugging his mother. 
    Lidianette Carmona wife of the late boxer with his mother Celines Amaro & his son Julio Christopher, pose next to his body during his wake.
    His family and friends were able to take final pictures with him.
    Rivera had a 5-15 record and one draw in the 130-pound weight class. No one has been arrested in connection with his murder.

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  • 02/02/14--07:42: Are you a pet person?
  • I'm not a pet person but must admit these dogs are so cute

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    This powder has been used by many for years together and have become a norm in the tropical areas to use talcum powder in the summers and humid seasons to avoid or reduce sweating and is commonly used to reduce rashes and diaper irritation in babies and infants 

    You've probably used it, or had it sprinkled on you at some time in your life. It's processed from a soft mineral compound of magnesium silicate, and is called talcum powder or just talc. The main ingredient – Talc, can cause cancer.

    Manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, and widely distributed by Osco and Walgreens.

    Women have been persuaded by advertisements to dust themselves with talcum powder to mask alleged genital odors. Not surprisingly, the powder has become a symbol of freshness and cleanliness for over five decades.

    Talc is known to cause cancer, and is found to have fibers similar to that found in the asbestos.

    Several studies have been conducted to study the risk factor of talc in causing cancer.

    When used in the genitalia areas, the talc has the ability to be absorbed by skin and move through the reproductive system and become embedded in the lining of the ovary. Causing the tissues in the lining to inflamate, which in turn proves to be a positive factor for cancer cells to grow.

    Talc if by accident or due to environmental circumstances (for talc miners) proves to be a health risk for lungs and may cause respiratory diseases including cancer. There have been several cases for minors falling seriously sick and even dying to due accidental inhalation of the baby powder.

    Talc apart from the very well known product – talcum powder is also used in in deodorants, chalk, crayons, textiles, soap, insulating materials, paints, asphalt filler, paper, and in food processing.

    The president of the industry's Cosmetic Toiletry and Fragrance Association, Edward Kavanaugh, conceded in 2002 that talc is toxic and "can reach the human ovaries." Yet, inexplicably, talc manufacturers failed to warn women that the product could be dangerous to their health.

    The potentially harmful effects of talc . . . in the ovary . . . should not be ignored!

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    Whats going on in the world today? few minutes ago we have seen a boxer propped up in the ring at his wake, now its about man propped on his beloved motorcycle for burial!.....just weird!

    The family of an Ohio biker has fulfilled his dying wish by burying him with his beloved bike.

    Billy Standley started planning to be buried astride his 1967 Harley Davidson motorcycle about 18 years ago. According to his family, Bill didn’t just want to ride off to heaven, he wanted the whole world to see him do it in a see-through coffin.

    So when he eventually died on Friday, Jan. 31, 2014 at the age of 82 of lung cancer, his family carried out his dying wish and buried him on the bike covered in a large plexiglas casket.

    The burial was bizarre, and a bit shocking. It was very difficult to hold and definitely not cheap but Standley wanted to make an entrance when he meets his maker.

    See more photos after the jump:
    Theresa Adams, Bill Standley's daughter, says goodbye to her dad
    Throwback: Billy Standley riding his prized motorcycle many years ago

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  • 02/02/14--08:45: Photo of the day
  • Awww! Jay-Z lifts up the two special ladies in his life, Beyonce Knowles & Baby Blue Ivy Carter. Lovely!!

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    Oscar winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead at his Manhattan apartment on Sunday afternoon of an apparent drug overdose.

    According to law enforcement officials he was discovered on the bathroom floor wearing shorts and t-shirt with a needle sticking out of his arm surrounded by empty bags of heroin.

    Hoffman, who was 46, won the best actor for his role in the 2005 film, Capote.

    He is survived by a partner of 14 years and three children. 

    May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

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  • 02/02/14--15:06: Hot pink!
  • Jennifer Lawrence looks lovely in Oscar de la Renta 

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    Beyoncé and Jay Z performed a hit song 'Drunk In Love' at DirecTV Super Bowl pre-party at Pier 40 in New York City on Saturday night.

    The couple got really drunk in love and made out on stage to the delight of the crowd. When the smoldering song ended, the two hugged and shared a kiss.

    See the video after the cut...

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    Prince William sings Livin' on a prayer with Jon Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift at the Winter Whiets Gala charity ball at Kensington Palace. He's got the voice of an angel but we reckon a few butterflies are understandable.

    Check out the performance after the cut.

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    Actress Mia Farrow and Woody Allen's adopted daughter Dylan Farrow penned an open letter Saturday on a New York Times blog, publicly accusing the controversial 78-year-old filmmaker of sexually assaulting her when she was a young girl.

    The 28 year old who is now married described in vivid and horrifying detail how her adoptive father, Allen, sexually assaulted her from age 7. Miss Farrow recalls how her abuse started and how it went on for a while. She then talks about her difficulties growing up with almost no one believing her, a victim, and everyone loving and praising Allen, a molester.

    The actress and filmmaker split following the revelations of sexual abuse in 1992. Mia found out he was having an affair with another dadopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, whom he married in 1997.

    Dylan explained that what prompted her to write the open letter was seeing her adopted father receiving yet another Oscar nomination for his latest film, Blue Jasmine.

    See Miss Farrow's open letter after the cut...
    What’s your favorite Woody Allen movie? Before you answer, you should know: when I was seven years old, Woody Allen took me by the hand and led me into a dim, closet-like attic on the second floor of our house. 

    He told me to lay on my stomach and play with my brother’s electric train set. Then he sexually assaulted me. 

    He talked to me while he did it, whispering that I was a good girl, that this was our secret, promising that we’d go to Paris and I’d be a star in his movies. I remember staring at that toy train, focusing on it as it traveled in its circle around the attic. To this day, I find it difficult to look at toy trains.

    For as long as I could remember, my father had been doing things to me that I didn’t like. I didn’t like how often he would take me away from my mom, siblings and friends to be alone with him. I didn’t like it when he would stick his thumb in my mouth. I didn’t like it when I had to get in bed with him under the sheets when he was in his underwear. I didn’t like it when he would place his head in my naked lap and breathe in and breathe out. I would hide under beds or lock myself in the bathroom to avoid these encounters, but he always found me. These things happened so often, so routinely, so skillfully hidden from a mother that would have protected me had she known, that I thought it was normal. I thought this was how fathers doted on their daughters. But what he did to me in the attic felt different. I couldn’t keep the secret anymore.

    When I asked my mother if her dad did to her what Woody Allen did to me, I honestly did not know the answer. I also didn’t know the firestorm it would trigger. I didn’t know that my father would use his sexual relationship with my sister to cover up the abuse he inflicted on me. I didn’t know that he would accuse my mother of planting the abuse in my head and call her a liar for defending me. I didn’t know that I would be made to recount my story over and over again, to doctor after doctor, pushed to see if I’d admit I was lying as part of a legal battle I couldn’t possibly understand. At one point, my mother sat me down and told me that I wouldn’t be in trouble if I was lying – that I could take it all back. I couldn’t. It was all true. But sexual abuse claims against the powerful stall more easily. There were experts willing to attack my credibility. There were doctors willing to gaslight an abused child.

    After a custody hearing denied my father visitation rights, my mother declined to pursue criminal charges, despite findings of probable cause by the State of Connecticut – due to, in the words of the prosecutor, the fragility of the “child victim.” Woody Allen was never convicted of any crime. That he got away with what he did to me haunted me as I grew up. I was stricken with guilt that I had allowed him to be near other little girls. I was terrified of being touched by men. I developed an eating disorder. I began cutting myself. That torment was made worse by Hollywood. All but a precious few (my heroes) turned a blind eye. Most found it easier to accept the ambiguity, to say, “who can say what happened,” to pretend that nothing was wrong. 

    Actors praised him at awards shows. Networks put him on TV. Critics put him in magazines.

    Each time I saw my abuser’s face – on a poster, on a t-shirt, on television – I could only hide my panic until I found a place to be alone and fall apart.

    Last week, Woody Allen was nominated for his latest Oscar. But this time, I refuse to fall apart. For so long, Woody Allen’s acceptance silenced me. It felt like a personal rebuke, like the awards and accolades were a way to tell me to shut up and go away. But the survivors of sexual abuse who have reached out to me – to support me and to share their fears of coming forward, of being called a liar, of being told their memories aren’t their memories – have given me a reason to not be silent, if only so others know that they don’t have to be silent either.

    Today, I consider myself lucky. I am happily married. I have the support of my amazing brothers and sisters. I have a mother who found within herself a well of fortitude that saved us from the chaos a predator brought into our home.

    But others are still scared, vulnerable, and struggling for the courage to tell the truth. The message that Hollywood sends matters for them.

    What if it had been your child, Cate Blanchett? Louis CK? Alec Baldwin? What if it had been you, Emma Stone? Or you, Scarlett Johansson? You knew me when I was a little girl, Diane Keaton. Have you forgotten me?

    Woody Allen is a living testament to the way our society fails the survivors of sexual assault and abuse.

    So imagine your seven-year-old daughter being led into an attic by Woody Allen. Imagine she spends a lifetime stricken with nausea at the mention of his name. Imagine a world that celebrates her tormenter.

    Are you imagining that? Now, what’s your favorite Woody Allen movie?
    Woody Allen says allegations of child molestation against him by his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow are "untrue and disgraceful". Allen has always denied the allegations of sexual abuse, which first came to light in 1993. He was never charged with, or convicted of, a crime in this case.
    Woody’s wife Soon Yi Previn is now 42, but she was barely legal when she started “dating” Woody. Right, Allen with his girlfriends adopted daughters, Soon-Yi and Dylan.
    Dylan Farrow, pictured here as a child in 1987 & 1988 with her adoptive father, Woody Allen
    Around the time this picture of Allen, Farrow, little Dylan and her brother Ronan was taken in 1992,
    Miss Farrow, depicted with her brother, Allen and her mother, Mia Farrow

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    This is soooo cool! 

    Two different shots and i love them both...
    A beauty that poses as a warrior..I like it!

    Waiting for the day our Tanzanian Designers reach the level of creating such ads for their collections...

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    Looks like bleaching is so trending!

    Majority of women in Africa are totally happy with their bodies and looks, however some [especially celebs], have problems with their complexion and think being lighter is beauty.

    Well, it seems the perception of beauty is changing, some narrow-minded people think that white skin looks more beautiful and elegant. They think white skin tone is the standard of beauty and every dark faces should be shaded and slap some bleach on their skin to reveal a whiter skin tone, but in most cases they end up damaging their own skin.

    I don't see any correlation between beauty and skin color. Why not just celebrate the face all of that beauty comes from Africa. People should be proud of what they were born with and don't feel ashamed of their own hue, so stop covering up those pasty whites and embrace your natural skin tone, whatever it may be!

    Beauty is beauty, skin tone is usually the cherry on the cake, after good bone structure and proportions of features etc.What is under the skin determines beauty.

    Some black women dying to be white, They bleach and bleach until it gets to the point when their skin begins to peel off with black spots developed on their cheeks and hands. Its disgusting, repulsive and really annoying when people think light is right...... its so bleeping dumb.

    We have seen some celebs who bleached their skin and ain't pretty. Cameroonian singer Dencia (HERE), Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson (HERE), Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu (HERE) and Nigerian actress, Thelma O'khaz (pictured above)

    The mother of four is still not satisfied with her look and now wants a nose job....smh!

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    Doesn't look much like her. The former Disney darling, 21, posed naked for the cover of W magazine and said she likes that she's associated with sexuality.

    In an exclusive interview, Cyrus touched on the negative attention surrounding her upcoming tour, her controversial sex appeal and much more.

    Regardless of where her career goes from this point forward, Miley says she's content.
    You know, I've made my money. If no one buys my album, cool. It's fine. I've got a house, and I've got dogs that I love. I don't need anything else.
     About the haters, Miley says she doesn't let the negative attention get to her.
    I don't give a s--t. I'm not Disney, where they have, like, an Asian girl, a black girl, and a white girl, to be politically correct, and, like, everyone has bright colored T-shirts. You know, it's like, I'm not making any kind of statement. Anyone that hates on you is below you, because they're just jealous of what you have.
    For more of this interview, get your copy of March issue, which hits newsstands February 12.

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