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    Many of us eating eggs because of its awesome benefits on health. We can use egg white mask to treat pimple marks in a natural way. Simply apply egg white on your face.

    Egg white works well lighten the pimple marks, pimple scars.Take the fresh egg and break the egg, separate the egg white from the egg yolk. Apply this egg whit on the pimple marks. After 10 -15 minutes wash with the cold water.

    Do this often and after some period of time the results will start to show!

    Thank me later....wink!

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  • 01/25/14--12:01: Who says men can't cook
  • Its not a secret that most men can't stand the heat in the kitchen and actively avoid cooking....but seriously, when you think about it, a man is the ultimate cook.

    One of my friends, David made this delicious meal....little something he made for the family over Christmas. 

    I must admit this pic made me lick my lips and swallow my saliva the moment I laid my eyes on it....I'm hungry now, wink!

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     Amber Ross shared this photo of her son & hubby with caption above.

    The curly haired youngster smiles for the camera as he poses with his father, who wears a much smaller chain.

    Khalifa, 26, and 30-year-old Amber, began dating in early 2011 and became engaged on March 1, 2012. 

    They were married on July 8, 2013 and welcomed Sebastian on February 21, 2013.

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    Read what is trending in Ghana............

    According to reports, mixed race baby business is booming in the beautiful city of Accra, Ghana. With $3,000, you can have a mixed race baby without having sex with a person of a different race.

    Ghanaian journalist Stephen Kwabena Effah writes about this crazy new trend
    In Ghana, they are regarded as hotcakes. Their complexion put them on a fairly higher pedestal, as they are the ones every guy or lady craves to date - the half-caste!

    But ever thought that a time will come for half-caste babies to be bred in Ghana? Well, thanks to modern science, one can have a half-caste or mixed-race baby without necessarily having to marry or have sexual intercourse with a person of different race.

    Following in the steps of artificial insemination, a novel venture to create a new society –‘Half-caste World’- on the African continent is bourgeoning in Ghana’s capital, Accra.
    As ridiculous as it may seem, considering the fact that the word ‘half-caste’ denigrate one’s status in society, especially in Europe and the Americas, advocates of this enterprise believe the creation of this breed of people of bi-racial identity positions Africa for a better future.
    Have a soft spot for half-caste babies?....take the opportunity now!

    For full article visit

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    American NFL player Chad Johnson formerly known as Chad Ochocinco does not mess with gays and two of them learnt it the hard way. He had been receiving unsolicited nudes photos from gay men via Instagram direct message, and yesterday he posted some of them for everyone to see.

    Sorry! and please forgive me as I can put those pictures blog is against adult contents.

    Ochocinco put them in their place
    Some people thought it was not a good idea to expose them...he could have sorted it offline, but Mr Ocho is a straight forward man.....
    Apparently, Ocho has no problem with sending him nude photos except for gays....see his reply to a fan who asked if women are not allowed too sending him those kind of photos.
    And this one just made my day hehehe

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    Cash Money Records co-founder & Hip Hop tycoon Bryan Williams, known by his stage name Birdman or Baby, showed off his solid gold toilet on his Instagram page yesterday.

    According to reports, the toilet is gold-plated, but the seat and the cover is solid gold and it cost $1m.

    What some people are doing with money.....a golden toilet? smh!

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    Human rights campaigners are calling for the immediate release of a British man sentenced to death under Pakistan's blasphemy laws.

    Mohammad Asghar, a British national of Pakistani origin,was arrested in 2010 in the garrison city of Rawalpindi, near Islamabad, after writing letters to various officials claiming to be a prophet.

    A judge convicted and sentenced him last Thursday following a trial. But a lawyer who defended Mr Asghar said, the 65-year-old has mental health illness and the case was really a property dispute.

    Asghar claimed to be a prophet even inside the court. He confessed it in front of the judge.

    The court also ordered Asghar to pay a fine of one million Pakistani rupees ($10,000)

    Blasphemy is an extremely sensitive issue in Pakistan, where 97 per cent of the population is Muslim, and insulting the Prophet Mohammed can carry the death penalty.

    Reports say people in the country, accused of blasphemy have been attacked and killed by angry vigilante mobs. Two prominent politicians who criticized the blasphemy law were murdered in recent years. One of the politicians was shot by his own bodyguard, who then attracted adoring crowds.

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    Model and Swahili movies' actress Lisa Jensen and her little girl....aww so cute!♥

    Lisa who represented Tanzania at the Miss world 2012 pageant, shared delightful pictures of her holding her daughter on Instagram.

    Check out the photos of the precious baby after the cut...........
    proud mom

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    Sad to go: Juan Mata's transfer to Manchester United has upset Chelsea supporters, who admired his class on and off the pitch.

    In this open letter on his personal website, The Spanish international and former Chelsea footballer has revealed the "complicated situations from a personal point of view, mainly during the last six months" that led him to the £37.1m move from Chelsea to Man Utd on Saturday.

    With heading "I'll never forget: thanks, Chelsea!", Mata wrote
    Hi everyone,

    As you can imagine this is a very important day in my life, and with these lines I would like to express the memories and emotions that come to me as I write.

    This letter is written from my heart, and first of all I would like to say that I will never forget all the affection given to me by the Chelsea fans. From the very first day until the last. With your support and affection I have grown up as a player and I have had an amazing time both on and off the pitch. I will always feel the gratitude towards you. Always. No words are enough to give back all the things I have received.

    There has been plenty of good moments: the FA Cup, my first trophy as a Blue; the immense happiness of winning titles for the first time in the club’s history, such as that magical Champions League night in Munich and the Europa League.

    On the other hand, I have experienced some complicated situations from a personal point of view, mainly during the last six months. Every message I got through the social media, every nice word you have said to me on the street, and of course, your support in the stadium, has made me feel incredibly proud of the Chelsea fans; you deserve a team like the one you’ve got, with so many fantastic players.

    I won’t forget the faith you put in me when I was given the player of the year award the last two seasons. I feel really proud and I will never forget those nights.

    Thank you so much for the way you have treated me, you have been unbelievable. I hope you understand that after going through a complicated and, for me, new situation in the last few months, I believe this is the best choice in order to carry on with my football career and to keep enjoying this sport.

    Before last summer, my intention was to stay here for a long time; as long as the club wanted me to, and to keep winning trophies for Chelsea FC. This is how happy I was in the club and in the city. However, as you all know, things changed after the preseason. From feeling like an important player, I started to experience some difficult situations and I felt unable to help the team to the extent that I wanted and was used to. Obviously, I fully respect the circumstances.

    Football is a team sport and it’s not easy to play regularly in such a good squad. In sports you may win or lose, but the most important thing is to give everything. I hope you know and feel that I have always done so. In every game, in every training session, without exception. I have always tried my best for the club.

    I would like to emphasise the affection, admiration and respect that I’ve had for my former team mates since the first day. I want to thank the captains for their help and understanding at all times. They made me feel comfortable when I arrived and they have supported me throughout the difficult times this season.

    I thank all my former team mates for these two and a half years and I wish them the best, personally and professionally, for the future. Of course I have been closer to some of them, but the most important thing is that my years in Chelsea have left me with great friends. Friends forever, football rivalries aside.

    I also want to highlight the day-to-day job of every member of the Chelsea staff: medical team, kit men, staff at Cobham and Stamford Bridge, media and marketing department, Chelsea TV team… All of them are very important in making this club a great one. Thank you for your treatment and your efforts to make the life of the players easier. urthermore, thanks to every manager I have had the pleasure to work with during my time here. They have all been a big help for my progression as a player. I have always respected their decisions, whatever they were; they made me more mature and a stronger person. You learn from everything, and certain situations make you think about other team mates who are coping with similar situations more regularly.

    Thank you Andre for giving me the opportunity to join Chelsea FC. Without your support, none of this would have happened. To Robbie and Rafa, for their unlimited trust in me. And to Jose, for making me a stronger player, because in difficult moments, I have learnt to remain positive and to keep working hard.

    Lastly, I want to thank the Club, and in particular its owner, Roman Abramovich, for trusting meand making an important investment when signing me. Also for their understanding regarding my situation over the last months. I’m very glad to have been part of the squad that made his and our dream come true: winning the Champions League on that unforgettable night in Munich. Additionally, my years in Chelsea have been profitable for the club, which I’m very pleased about.

    I want to make clear that the stage that now comes to an end has been extremely important for me, personally and professionally. Although many of you, like myself, never thought this moment would come, this is football and a new chapter is about to begin.

    I would have liked to say good bye to all of you in the stadium, or in a press conference, but it has not been possible. I’m sure I will be able to do it in the future, because that is what you deserve.

    Evidently, today is a day of mixed feelings, remembering the past and looking forward to the future and what it has to bring. I look forward to being happy and to enjoy what I like the most: play football.

    I will never forget my time in Chelsea and the affection I take with me, I will keep forever.

    I wish you the best. A big hug to all of you.

    THANK YOU so much,

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    A new documentary has come out with details of Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi allegedly torturing and raping of hundreds of teenage girls, who were kept as sex slaves, during his 42-year reign in Libya.

    The shocking revelations have come to light more than two years after the dictator was captured and shot dead by a mob in October 2011 after his regime was defeated in an uprising backed by NATO forces.

    According to the Daily Mail, Gaddafi’s sex slaves were virgin students from schools and colleges who were kidnapped at the behest of dictator and kept confined to in his dens where he allegedly raped and sexually assaulted them.

    The girls were forced to watch pornography to ‘educate’ them for their degrading treatment at the hands of Gaddafi.

    The expose,according to BBC4 ,came from a woman who fled from one of the dictator’s dens.

    Also there was a room with gynecological equipment, where Gaddafi’s young victims were examined to ensure they had no sexually transmittable diseases. And here they were forced to undergo abortions if they became pregnant.

    Many of the girls, after being repeatedly raped and tortured, were dumped in car parks or waste ground where they died.

    He also created an elite squad of bodyguards (all female), whom he used for sex and forced to watch multiple barbaric executions. For decades Gaddafi surrounded himself with these beautiful young women ― dressed in close-fitting military uniforms, with manicured nails and perfectly coiffed hair, they exuded glamour while toting guns.But they were little more than disposable prostitutes used and abused by Gaddafi and his family.

    The report quotes a survivor as saying that she was whisked away to the lair by Gaddafi’s female bodyguards.

    She was then stripped, shaved, forced to wear a G-string and makeup and pushed into the bed where Gaddafi was waiting.

    The documentary, titled ‘Storyville: Mad Dog – Gaddafi’s Secret World’, is based on interviews with insiders in Gaddafi’s palaces and his victims. Will be shown on BBC4 at 10pm on February 3.
    Sex chamber– all left exactly as they were when Gaddafi last used it
    A room with gynecological equipment
    Some of Colonel Gaddafi's guards. Others were horribly attacked by the Libyan dictator

    For a full article, visit dailymail website

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    Opps! this is embarrassing.Blac Chyna is Kim Kardhashian's bestie and the baby Mama of rapper Tyga .The former stripper's butt has been a topic of discussion for a while as she has been claiming it's the real deal. She even showed off her butt in a selfie with Kim (after the cut).

    However she was spotted walking when one of the implants shifted and running into a doctor's office to have it fixed. It apparently didn't happen and she was photographed walking out and trying to cover it with her sweater but the cameras captured it.

    People now feel since birds of the same feathers flock together, Kim's may be fake too

    Check out more photos of her after the cut..
    Kim and Blac Chyna

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    Prostitutes in Brazil are reportedly taking free English classes in advance of the 2014 World Cup which kicks off in June 15.

    Prostitution is legal in Brazil and the country has long been considered a popular Intimate destination for those seeking intimate experiences abroad. The s*x trade is expecting a healthy boost in business during the World Cup.

    According to the president of the Association of Prostitutes, Cida Vieira, the goal is to be able to negotiate a fair price and defend themselves.
    English will be very important to communicate with clients during the world cup― Veira said.

    They will have to learn how to work out financial deals and also use a specialized vocabulary with sensual words and fetishes.
    So far, 300 prostitutes have signed up.

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    The BBA finalist and Kenyan rapper Jackson Makini alias CMB Prezzo, apparently has been dumped by his Tanzanian girlfriend Starlisha aka Chagga Barbie for cheating on her with Huddah Monroe and other women.

    Just to put the President on display, the popular US-based Tanzanian has been revealing and posting dirty secrets about Prezzo, and how broke and desperate the rapper currently is. 

    She also posted a picture of a naked dude with small manhood and captioned it 'kibamia' on her Instagram and compared it to Prezzo.

    Check out a very interesting thread after the cut....that's why I don't like texting LOL

    Tanzanian hottie: Okayyy Chagga barbie ...enough, we heard you. And as for Prezzo, next time don't mess up with TZ babes......if you cant stand the heat, just leave the kitchen LOL

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    Jennifer Hudson in Christopher you like it? Check out from runway to red carpet photos after the cut
    Jennifer Hudson wore the black off-the-shoulder CHRISTOPHER KANE RESORT 2014 bandage dress with sheer colorful elastic stripes dress.

    CL pumps, a RODO orange clutch and red lips finished up her look.
    Rihanna ripped from the runway a silk chartreuse ALEXANDRE VAUTHIER SPRING 2014 COUTURE rolled sleeve faux wrap dress with a draped plunging neckline and a thigh high split. 

    Riri went with her signature bold red lip which popped against her silk dress nicely.

    Center part wavy locks, silver & gold accessories and gold LOUBOUTIN lace-up pumps finished up her look.
    Pregnant Kerry Washington concealed her belly in a black & white sheer embroidered OSCAR DE LA RENTA SPRING 2014 dress.

    She accessorized with MARTIN KATZ rings and NEIL LANE earrings. CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN embellished & clear PVC pumps, a pewter box clutch, side parted straight locks and clear glossy lips finished up her look.

    Which look you feel the most?

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    Getting pregnant does not have to be a struggle or stressful. Learn unusual tip to reverse infertility and get pregnant naturally.

    Click Here!

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    Actress Elizabeth Michael 'Lulu' is always there to amaze you. She is a performer, scandalous and not to mention a fashionista!

    Check out her FABULOUS look for the Proin group of companies  New Year's dinner party at Tranic plaza. More photos when you continue....
    Oh so chic.....Love her look!♥ she's gorgeous from top to heels :) ...

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    Dozens of couples exchanged wedding vows on air during the live broadcast of the 56th annual Grammy Awards as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis performed their nominated song Same Love, which has become an anthem in the campaign for legal gay marriage.

    Queen Latifah officiated the nuptials, with pop diva Madonna performing the song with the hip hop duo and featured vocalist Mary Lambert.

    The weddings, including 34 couples of various ages and races, some gay.

     See more photos of the mass weddings after the cut...

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    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were nominated for 7 Grammy Awards last night and won 4 - Best New Artist, Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance and beat Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake & Kendrick Lamar for Best Rap Album.

    But while rap fans sent their congratulations, many of them still felt that Kendrick Lamar was cheated. Especially those who really thought that he deserved to win Best Rap Album.

    Macklemore himself texted Kendrick and told him he has robbed. See his text to Kendrick after the cut

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    Jay Z and Beyonce put on a showstopping performance as they opened the 2014 Grammy Awards on Sunday night performing hit song, Drunk In Love. Beyonce wore a black thong, glittering bra and sheer bodysuit while Jay Z looked dapper in a suit. There is no doubt that was one of the best performances of the night.Check out more photos of the Carters performance after the cut...

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    It's always sad to lose your best player, with having been voted as such by the club's fans and players for two years running. The Spaniard is known to be popular with the board, happy in the area and loyal to the club.

    See a heartbroken Chelsea fan penned an emotional farewell.
    I've been pretending football doesn't exist for a few days while all the photos of him standing next to an grinning idiot goon do the rounds.

    I'm going to avoid all the pros/cons talk of letting the little man go, because god knows we've all heard enough of that.I just want to say thank you.

    Thank you Juan Mata, for choosing to sign with us in the first place, for being the first genuinely exciting creative magician to sign for us since Arjen Robben.

    And thank you Juan Mata, for, unlike the afore-mentioned t*sspot, being an absolute gent on and off the field, for doing everything for the club, for being a hard - worker who gave your all in every game, even when things weren't going your way. Thank you for choosing not to slag off Jose + Chelsea after we abandoned you like a stray pup.

    Thank you for all the magic moments - countless wonderful passes, crosses and assists - you seemed to take more pleasure in setting up goals than scoring them.

    On saying that - you did score some beauties, and thank you for scoring so many of them against Arsenal, Spurs, and 'sob' Manu\ U.

    Thank you for having the best first touch in world football. Your ability to trap a dropping long ball 99% of the time was breathtaking.

    Thank you for being damn handsome, obviously.

    Thank you for working your little socks off against Barcelona and Bayern Munich in balls to the wall defensive games that clearly didn't suit you, and still having the strength, composure and skill to curl in a perfect corner for super Didier's header. And then doing the exact same thing a year later for Branislav against Benfica.

    But most of all, thank you for changing the DNA of our club, for being the first piece in our puzzle. If, IF, Jose succeeds in his long term plan, if five years from now we are a team that can work hard and defend while, most importantly, playing attractive, magical, attacking football - we will look back to you as the point where it all started.

    Let's hope Barcelona snap you up in the summer to replace Xavi. That would be nice.
    Ollie, CFC, London

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